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The “Little Stories” series present fairy tales, in which your kid plays the main part. It's quite simple – just enter your kid's name and gender in the settings window and enjoy reading fairy tales about your son or daughter.

To make it even cooler, we've added beautiful melodies and wonderful pictures to help you raise your child by giving him or her only positive examples.

Let love and kindness fill your family leisure time to make your life and the world around happier!

Why “Little Stories”?
• No analogs in the world!
• 12 exciting fairy tales so far and more to come
• 450+ pictures
• Enchanting music accompanying each story
• Gender determines the choice of illustrations

Fairy tales:
• The Brave Eaglet (FREE)
• The Magic Christmas Tree (FREE)
• A Secret in the Night
• The Sea Lily
• Brighter Than A Star
• Who Is the First?
• The Fruit Kingdom
• The Little Nail’s Adventures
• How To Reach A Star
• A Curious Mouse
• The Union of Three Planets
• True Friendship

Our stock of fairy tales is continuously replenished
Fairy tales are designed for kids aged 3+.

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A new story “True Friendship” has been added. The author is Altai Zeinalov who has written a lot of children’s stories so far but is not going to stop at this point. The illustrations were made by a talented artist Natalia Asanova. It was her first try on a graphic tablet but she has managed perfectly. Our composer Artyom Akmulin has created a beautiful melody that accompanies the story.

This fairy tale is unique in its way featuring two main characters under one cover – a cat and a girl. It means that the choice of a character depends on the gender of your child. If it is a boy, the character will be the cat, and if it’s a girl – she will play the girl in the story. What concerns the plot of the story, it does not only tell about friendship, but also shows the benefits of going in for sports.

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