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StopTinnitus is designed to evaluate your tinnitus and cancel the noise generated by Tinnitus.
Use StopTinnitus to find the sounds that provide the most tinnitus relief for you. Once you find cancellation sound, you can save them to provide immediate access to tinnitus relief.
Based on sound therapy , StopTinnitus provides a flexible and easy to use interface for tone cancellation.
It works as follows -

Step 1 : Find Frequency -
Narrow down on your tinnitus tone/frequency. The wizard runs in two steps
2.1) Find approximate frequency.
2.2) Fine tune in a 1KHz band.
Step 2 : Tone cancellation -
This step helps to further fine tune the frequency and also find the phase shift parameter for cancellation.

Step 3 : Save Tone -
Save cancelled tone by adding a name and an optional note for easier identification.

Step 4: On saved tone page, confirm phase reversal with TFA mode overlying Frequency with selected tone and manually shifting phase of control tone.

Step 5: Use audio device, i.e. earbuds, blue tooth audio devices, headsets, speakers etc. to to deliver Tinnitus Noise cancelling relief.

(because of the complexity and variations of Tinnitus, may not work for all users)
Thank you for your positive and constructive input and suggestions. Hopefully another step forward in the relief from Tinnitus. Slight name change for continuity.

This update contains following features -
a. Tone Finder Assist(TFA) -
TFA helps you to identify how tone cancellation works on your Tinnitus frequency. You can check it while playing your saved tone.
b. Stereo/ Mono tone support
User can find frequencies separately for left and right ear, perform cancellation on each ear and save cancelled tone. Tone player can play & update cancellation tone separately for both ears.
In saved mode, frequency can be fined tuned by swiping and phase ship of tone can be confirmed with "TFA" mode, assisting in noise cancellation.

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