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Transfer Function is a dual-FFT acoustic analysis app that is used for sound system audio analysis. Since it can operate with music as the signal source, it can be used during a musical performance to monitor and turn the system equalization during the show.

Transfer function includes:

-- Magnitude Graph
-- Phase Graph
-- Coherence Plot
-- Delay Finder
-- Signal Generator

Normally a transfer function requires a two-channel interface, and that is true with this one, also, if you want to use it with program material (music).

However, you can use our Transfer Funciton with the internal iOS microphone, if you can send the pink noise generator output to the sound system input. In this configuration, the internal generator is routed back to the input as the reference channel. You can measure delay, magnitude, and phase using this setup.

When you use Transfer Function with a two-channel audio interface to run, such as the Studio Six Digital iAudioInterface2, then you can also use any audio source as the test signal, including music.

See our website for more information.
- Added Calibration Error Report link to support page
- Fixed crash on iOS 11 when saving screenshots
- Fixed crashes on iOS 8 and iOS 9
- Fixed issue with multiple Studio Six Digital apps trying to access our accessories
- Updated App Store in-app purchase accessing and authorization for iOS 11

Live Calibration Updates
- Added cloud-based database for all iOS devices that can be updated in real time
- All devices included
- Includes local default files, in case a device has no internet connectivity
- Different databases for each major iOS version, starting with iOS 10
- New iPhones added to live calibration database

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