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Tenuto is a collection of 24 highly-customizable exercises designed to enhance your musicality. From recognizing chords on a keyboard to identifying intervals by ear, it has an exercise for you. Tenuto also includes six musical calculators for accidentals, intervals, scales, chords, analysis symbols, and twelve-tone matrices.

A short description of the exercises and calculators follows. For a full list of all available customizations, visit the "Developer Website" link on this page or open http://tenuto.link/features/ in your web browser.


• Note Identification
• Key Signature Identification
• Interval Identification
• Scale Identification
• Chord Identification
Tap the button corresponding to the written staff line. For example: if shown a C, E, and G with a sharp; tap the "Augmented Triad" button.


• Note Construction
• Key Signature Construction
• Interval Construction
• Scale Construction
• Chord Construction
Construct the specified label by moving notes and/or adding accidentals. For example: if shown a C and an "Augmented 4th" label, move the second note to F and add a sharp.


• Keyboard Reverse Identification
Tap the piano key corresponding to the written note on the staff. While similar to Note Identification, this exercise uses a piano keyboard rather than note name buttons.

• Keyboard Note Identification
• Keyboard Interval Identification
• Keyboard Scale Identification
• Keyboard Chord Identification
Tap the button corresponding to the highlighted piano key(s). If the C and G keys are highlighted, tap the "P5" (Perfect 5th) button.


• Fretboard Note Identification
• Fretboard Interval Identification
• Fretboard Scale Identification
• Fretboard Chord Identification
Tap the button corresponding to the marked fretboard position(s). If the 2nd fret of the D string is marked, tap the "E" button.


• Keyboard Ear Training
• Note Ear Training
Listen to the played reference and question notes. Select the piano key or note button corresponding to the question note.

• Interval Ear Training
• Scale Ear Training
• Chord Ear Training
Tap the button corresponding to the played notes. If E and F are played, tap the "Minor 2nd" button.


• Accidental Calculator
Display the accidental for a note and key.

• Interval Calculator
Display the interval for a note, type, and key.

• Chord Calculator
Display the scale for a tonic and scale type.

• Chord Calculator
Display the chord for a note, type, and key.

• Analysis Calculator
Display the chord for a symbol and key.

• Matrix Calculator
Display the twelve-tone matrix for a specified tone row.
• Fixes a crash in Scale Identification and Scale Construction when using multiple clefs.
• Fixes a drawing issue in Scale Identification and Scale Construction when using the Grand Staff.

Version 4.0:
• Adds Scale Identification, Scale Construction, Keyboard Scale Identification, and Fretboard Scale Identification exercises.
• Adds the Scale Calculator.
• Adds full support for iPhone X.
• Adds mode options to the "Scales" customization in Key Signature Identification and Key Signature Construction.
• Adds "Leniency" to all construction exercises. When the ‹Lenient› or ‹Naturals Only› options are used, exercises will accept unneeded or duplicated accidentals rather than marking them as incorrect.
• Improves the user interface when invalid customizations are selected. Tenuto will now try to explain which customizations are conflicting and how to resolve the conflict.
• Improves the user interface for choosing "Key Signatures", "Notes", and "Intervals" customizations.
• Adds ‹Markers› option to the "Labels" customization in Fretboard Chord Identification. This identifies each marker as the root, third, or fifth of the chord.
• Lengthens the decay time of sounds in the ear training exercises.
• Fixes compatibility issues with iOS 11.

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