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Learn how to live healthy, get results and love yourself through Anna Victoria’s proven and effective method for Body Love!

Body Love is about fueling, nourishing and challenging your body, all while loving it no matter at what point you are in your fitness journey.

Workouts only 30-45 minutes a day!
Can be done anywhere! No gym required.
Choose your fitness level! Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced
Learn how to properly fuel your body
Calculate your macros and caloric needs based on your goals
Access to the worldwide community of women on this same journey!

Over the last few years, millions women of all different body types have achieved amazing results with Anna Victoria. Body Love with Anna Victoria has taken the tried and true method of her Fit Body Guides and enhanced them with all new exercises, recipes, and now the Body Love App will make it even easier to achieve progress and ultimately, Body Love!

Join the worldwide community of women and achieve your Body Love goals! Start your 7-day free trial to see how getting in shape and eating well will help you be the best version of yourself and improve confidence with Body Love.

Get Fit!
Body Love App will give you daily step-by-step workout video tutorials for each body part through the week.
The Body Love workouts are based on scientifically proven high-intensity and strength training moves designed to help you burn fat and strengthen your body at the same time!
Understanding health is key! Anna Victoria includes over 40 educational videos that provide insight on everything you need to know about health, fitness, eating well and loving yourself.

Nourish your Body!
Food is fuel! The Body Love App has over 80 healthy, easy recipes to help keep your meals exciting and delicious.
The Body Love App will take all the guess work out of which meals will help regulate your metabolism, give you energy and fuel you for an amazing day.
Custom macro and caloric meal plan ranges will give you the exact portions your body needs to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Be Mindful!
Body Love will help you focus on Mindfulness which will improve your mental and emotional well-being. Being mindful through your day and especially through your journey is what will help you achieve true Body and Self-Love. You should be your own biggest cheerleader and sometimes we tend to put ourselves on the back burner.
Learn to prioritize yourself and see how this transcends into taking better care of others in your life as well as improving your professional, personal, and fitness life.
The Body Love App Mindfulness section will keep you feeling strong, healthy, and empowered mentally and emotionally throughout your entire journey.

Stay Motivated!
Join the Body Love community and connect with girls doing the exact same workouts and meal plan as you! They will provide you all the emotional support you need to stay on track and succeed on your Body Love Journey.
Monthly workout challenges! Need something to amp up your motivation?

Membership, Pricing and Terms:
Body Love memberships start with a 7-day free trial. The 7-day trial period will end exactly 7 days after sign up, at this time membership payment will be processed according to the membership plan chosen by the member upon sign up. Depending on which plan is chosen, members will be charged either $16.99 each month, $45.99 every three months or $159.99 every 12-months. Membership period begins immediately after the 7-day trial ends and will repeat every month, three months or year, depending on membership plan. Membership will auto-renew and payments will be processed on a continual basis unless subscription is cancelled 24 hours prior to the end of the membership period.

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Bug fixes, performance updates and improved reliability! Yay!

The Body Love App will help you take care of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being while loving yourself through every step of your journey. Anna Victoria is going to help you improve your strength, confidence, get results and more!

• 7-day free trial • 30 minute workouts • Do it anywhere! No gym required • Choose your fitness level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced • Calculate your macros and caloric needs based on your goals • Custom portions according to your macros and caloric needs! • Regulate your metabolism for optimal fat burn and strength • Support from the worldwide Body Love Community!

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