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iCrew Mobile — The best mobile experience for flight crew on the go!

Open Time is here! Find available trips. Compare schedules. Pick up the trip you want. If you find bugs, please send us your feedback!

This app is for flight crew members like pilots, flight attendants and their families, currently including Delta Airlines and SkyWest Airlines with additional airlines coming soon.

Note: This is a third-party app designed, developed, and sold by Crew Mobile Software Solutions, LLC.

Flight crew members get everything they need to know about their schedule: open time, flight and gate changes, weather and HD radar, hotel and layover information, and more!

- View schedule, METAR, and layover information, even while offline.
- See flight and gate change updates via Flight Aware.
- Use free HD radar maps via MyRadar.
- Get hotel and layover information via MyCrewGuide.
- Experience a native iOS app that syncs directly with your Calendar app.

This app was built from extensive field research with hundreds of pilots and flight attendants. It is availably exclusively on the official Apple App Store.

Start with 45 days free! Buy 30 days for only $2.99. Works on ALL your iOS devices, not just one. No automatic billing, subscriptions, or contracts.
This iOS update is packed with four big new updates and a number of individual improvements and fixes. So let’s dive in!
1. One app, two airlines. This app is now compatible with flight crew who work for Delta and now SkyWest! Some advanced functionality, like OpenTime, is not yet available on SkyWest, but all standard schedule features are the same for both crews. Also... invites work cross platform! Delta employees can invite a SkyWest employees, and vice versatility, to get the referral bonus!
2. Big new hotels and venues update. This app completely rebuilds the info on hotels and nearby deals — now you can contribute new information and make edits! We review each edit and sometimes reward with extra free days.
3. Notifications! We added new section which shows important notifications from Delta and iCrew Mobile app.
4. Open Time trip marking. You can now mark trips you're interested in. Go to Open Time search results and swipe left on a trip. Trip will be marked and added to the calendar view. You can Mark/Unmark all trips to the calendar with two buttons bellow on the Open Time search results screen.

* iPhoneX crash fixes
* Private flight notes. Now you can enter private notes for each flight, same as private notes for individual crew members.
* Transportation info. We’ve made another improvement with fetching the transportation data.
* iCalendar syncing improvements.
* A number of OpenTime improvements.
* Fixed an issue involving A-day events.
* Various UI improvements to increase readability of the trip view.

See an issue? Let us know! We review each support ticket submitted with the app.

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