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FlightReady helps you prepare for the FAA exam by testing your knowledge against a question bank of over 400 questions, including questions from the official FAA question bank.

We offer two apps to prepare for the Remote Pilot exam:

◗ Remote Pilot Test Prep (this app) - Test prep questions only
◗ Remote Pilot Ground School - Complete training course plus test prep questions

This app (Test Prep) is for those who are familiar with drone operations and the relevant FAA regulations. It does not include any training content other than explanations for each answer.

If you are new to drone flying, we suggest our Remote Pilot Ground School app, which includes ten hours of lesson content.


Over 370 questions covering all subject areas listed in the FAA's Airmen Certification Standards for Remote Pilot.

Use Study Mode to create question sessions based on topics, session size, and your overall mastery. Filters allow you to include or exclude questions that require the use of figures or an E6B.

Use Exam Mode to take simulated FAA exams administered in a timed environment under the same rules as the real FAA exam


Gauge your progress and identify weak areas. Create and send reports of your exam history to anyone.


This app includes three free sample lessons from the complete ground school course, and you can upgrade to the complete ground school course at any time via in-app purchase.


You will be able to use this app to prepare for the recurrent exam required every two years. The question bank for the recurrent exam will be released no later than June 2018.


Subject matter is categorized into discrete topics, enabling focused study sessions and better insight into weak areas.

Explanations consisting of text, graphic, applicable regulation, or a combination thereof.

Multi-tasking support allows you to use FlightReady side by side with any FAA references and your favorite E6B app

Proficiency is tracked using a proprietary algorithm that assigns a mastery level to each question.

Figures and charts are presented in the same screen so that you can view both the question and the figure.

Quickly create new sessions from missed questions, or review missed questions and explanations.

Swipe left in the question view to reveal question list showing progress, marked questions, and more.


▸ Airspace
▸ Emergency Procedures
▸ Human Factors
▸ Loading
▸ Maintenance
▸ Operations
▸ Performance
▸ Pilot Certification
▸ Regulations
▸ Weather Services
▸ Weather Theory


Will FlightReady teach me everything I need to know to pass the exam?

FlightReady is primarily a test preparation app, and not a complete ab initio ground school. However, many of our users have succesfully prepared for the FAA exam by simply answering questions and reviewing incorrect answers. Because we provide full explanations to all questions (and the full text of any applicable regulations), it is possible to learn the material by completing study sessions.
We do recommend using our app in conjunction with the learning resources used by the FAA in creating the question bank, which may be downloaded here.

How will I know that I'm ready to take the FAA knowledge test?

Your goal should be to score at least a 90 on three consecutive practice exams. Another indicator that you are ready is a mastery graph showing most questions as mastered or nearly mastered
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