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Play Free. Match Jewels & Swap Gems. Over 1,500 Levels!

From the makers of Cookie Jam and Panda Pop, comes the best match 3 puzzle app: Genies & Gems! Help Jenni the genie navigate through mystical worlds and crush the thieves that jeopardize the palace! Play this Aladdin themed game and get ready to be transported to a new world!

Coins are scattered throughout the magical worlds! Help Jenni the Genie swap gems to unlock treasure.

-Collect coins online to advance to new worlds!
-Use the Gilded Butterfly to simplify the search and pick up more jewels!
-Avoid the cursed stones and play levels to win back the stolen treasure!

Join Jenni the genie on her fun, enchanting adventure in the best new game for free!

Having powers isn’t necessary to win in this match 3 puzzle app! Just follow Jenni’s lead and crush the gems in each level! This fun, new game will make you believe in magic!

Jenni the Genie is able to fly from one magical world to the next by collecting coins! With the help of Jenni’s fox, Trix, bring candy home to the palace along with matching jewels!

Jenni only uses her powers to win for good. Crush the thieves and grant the palace’s wish with your help!

The thieves think that they’ve won, but Jenni is better than them at playing games! This match 3 app shows off Jenni the genie’s secret puzzle crushing powers.

Travel through each land on your magic carpet to solve hundreds of jigsaw puzzles. Collect coins that the thieves took from the palace!

Play now to win back the stolen treasure and crush jewels along the way. You'll love this Aladdin themed game! Available now on your mobile device for free!
New episode available! 20 new levels!

Chapter 86 - “Peaceful Oasis”

“Mmmmm… a cool glass of lemonade… a glimmering swimming pool… an igloo…” murmured Trix, as the duo trudged along the burning sand.

“What are you doing?” Jenni asked, shooting her furry friend a quizzical look.

“Maybe if I THINK about things that are nice and chilly, this desert won’t feel so hot,” was Trix’s answer.

“Well, that sounds crazy. But up ahead, I think I can see the shimmer of water, so maybe I’m going crazy too!” said Jenni as she pointed off in the distance. Trix looked up from the dusty path and gasped.

“No, I see it too! Race you there, first place gets a thousand glasses of lemonade!” yelled Trix before bounding ahead.

Update now for new levels, with 20 more each week!

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